deadlydaisies (deadlydaisies) wrote,

da da da dumb

I've broken down crying in the middle of the street TWICE today, and believe you me, that hasn't happened in ages. You probably don't want to hear about this, I can already see y'all (did I just say y'all???) going AWWW. I think PART of it is that you-know-who just left for his vacation and we won't see each other for THREE BLOODY WEEKS. It's no good to be this dependent. I mean, even if he's wonderful, EVEN if I.. you know.. :x him.. still, 9 out of 10 therapists say obsessing over a loved one and crying just because they leave for a few weeks is not healthy at all. and it's not just that, even. I get so crushed just because someone doesn't answer an email, or forgets to wait for me and to hang out with me after school when I really really wanted to (LIKE TODAY!) or when I tell someone how pretty their dress looks, and they just sort of grunt like they don't care (LIKE TODAY) or when my own mother tells me she can understand WHY all those things happen because I'm apparently a whiny crybaby who starts bawling in the middle of the street very loudly (LIKE TODAY) eugheughehuehgueueu I'M DONE.
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