deadlydaisies (deadlydaisies) wrote,

the midst of camp

Session 5 is almost over, and I thought I'd tell you about all that has happened so far at camp.  The first session was really easy: Becca N and I took care of 6 women named Mai, Robin, Nancy, Sabra, Givi, and Kristin.  It was really easy..  Givi took forever to get dressed, Robin and Nancy never wanted to go to activities, Robin cried a few times over her squeezer and chatted about heaven, Kristin got whiny sometimes, but overall it was fabulous, and we learned the entire routine.  During break we went to Santa Cruz, where I had my first couple of beers.. our program director, Archie, who by trhe way is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet, ended up coming with us and hooking up with a girl named Becca P.  We went to the beach, got a hotel room, and I hallucinated on 2 beers and a red bull.  It was absolutely crazy.  I really regret going out to drink with Archie and the rest.. it's simply not what I do.   Second session, PD, was incredibly stressful for me.  Our cabin was PD and all boys, and I just couldn't do the blasted lifting
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